We have an annual capacity to manufacture over 900,000 individual jewellery pieces with lead times of between 1 to 8 weeks for a specific order. Our state-of-the-art factories are technologically advanced and are designed following Japanese principles of Kaizen and Lean manufacturing throughout the organization for over 20 years.

Production capabilities

Advanced wax injection

Wax injectors with RFID technology for accurate and efficient waxing process

Stone setting

Extremely precise and high levels of stone setting – involving micro pave, bezel, channel and invisible setting of stones along with others


Best in the industry Casting machines – with an output of 150 trees on a daily basis including hollow jewellery

High precision CNC

Swiss CNC machine – Willemin-Macodel machine along with others, for ultra-high precision and accuracy


Laser engraving – Several Sisma laser engraving machines marking fineness, signatures and logos 

Turning and milling

Turning and milling machines for special projects

Tool room

A state-of-the-art Tool room – Specialized area for tooling, die-making, continuous casting and more

Surface finishes

Working with different surface coatings and finishes including plating, oxidation and patination

Robotic plating setup

Fully automated robotic vermeil set-up for increased consistency 

Ceramic and enamel

High levels of skill to work with vitreous enamel, cold enamel and ceramic

Diamond trimming

In-house diamond trimming and grooving services for stone setting 

Gemstone repair

Ability to repair and re-cut gemstones in-house

Metal purity testing

Testing for metal purity, surface coatings, stone quality, product integrity


Complete in-house refinery


Tie-ups with Birmingham Assay Office for providing final hallmarked pieces through their Birmingham office

Advanced testing

Advanced Quality: in-house developed machinery for early stage functionality and durability testing


Dedicated Robotics and RPA’s team for program development on a continual basis to incorporate automation in the manufacturing and non- manufacturing processes 


SAP as our main ERP system and tablets at each workstation to stream relevant information to each person working on the product