The steps we take today shape our tomorrow!

The principle of Sustainable Development attempts to maintain a balance between development and the environment, it promotes better quality of life for present and future generations.

We at Sunjewels aim to maintain a balance between business requirements while protecting the environment and our community. We believe that a values-driven approach when developing business strategies is necessary for the long-term success.

Product standards

Fairtrade and Fairmined

Fairtrade certified and can supply Fairtrade & Fairmined as per client’s needs 

Recycled metals

Recycled gold & silver, ethically sourced and compliant to EU norms

Ethical sourcing

Ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, following the Kimberly Process system of warranties for diamonds

Environment & Safety

There are billions of people, but only one planet for us all to live on! At Sunjewels we are taking what steps we can for a brighter future. Some initiatives taken by us are as follows:

Saving water

Annually we save about 2,000Kl of water

Lowering energy consumption

We are lowering our energy consuption by regulating our power usage & reducing heat loss

Animal friendly

Use of animal-fat free polishing compound

Biodegradable materials

Wherever possible we use of biodegradable packing material 

Safe working environment

We ensure a safe working environment that goes beyond world class standards

Green energy sources

Part of our energy comes from “Green sources”

Neutralizing effluents

Neutralizing effluents arising out of wasted solvents

Paperless transition

Transition towards paperless organization with the use of technology

Controlled release of dust

Controlled release of dust to reduce environmental and health impacts

Social Impact


We have been practacing daily yoga sessions for the past 2 decades

Health check ups

Regular health check-ups, medical insurance and healthy meals for the employees

Great work environment

Maintaining highest level of safety, cleanliness and security for our staff

Equal opportunities

Recognise ourselves as Equal Opportunity Employer

Educational support

Strong supporters of rural education by providing projectors to small schools in remote villages

Promoting female empowerment

Financial contribution towards girls education for women empowerment

Book donations

Donation of books to Government and Private schools

Industry memberships, audits and certificates

We are members of the following organisations and have successfully completed the below audits and have been accredited the relevant certifications: 

Responsible Jewellery Council

The Jewellers Board of Trade

Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council


Intertek Works Condition Assessment

SMETA 4-pillar